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Hand Assembly

There is no substitution to well-trained staff. Till now, there are still many task forms which the machine cannot replace the skills of hands and people. That is why New Island values our staff as one of the most important assets of the company. We have an average of 1,000 experienced skilled manual workers in our Hand-assembly Department.?They specialize in completing the finest and the most complex packaging tasks.

Regular training is?provided to elevate skills of these specialized workers.? They have an eye for the smallest detail when minor difference is spotted and corrected promptly.? This is vital to ensure our constant and accurate delivery of high-quality end-products.

Our vast manual task experiences enable us to produce high-end pop-up books, stationery items, fancy gift items, luxury rigid boxes, sensory boxes with light and sound, delicate touch boxes with fabric, ribbon, accessory pieces and many other intricate hand assembled products.

New Island earns our prestige by our ability to complete unique and complex packaging projects. Both Dongguan and Shanghai plants have hand-assembly lines?and?GMP hand-assembly workshops for pharmaceutical, cosmetics and food products.

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